Even the simplest websites have a lot going on under the surface. We partner with you to keep your web presence looking fresh and easy to maintain.

[Hosting] Hosting services include generous site maintenance packages — allowing you to send site updates by email and have them online in less than one week (with mission-critical changes within hours). We can also set up pages you can update yourself in real time without having to know HTML. Ask us about it.

[Design]Our design services work with the content you provide to develop a site that is accessible by all browsers, easy to navigate and unique to your business style and taste.

[Learn More]MenagerieWeb has worked with a wide range of businesses since we started back in 1998. We work with site owners to make the most of their web presence — through consulting, teleclasses, presentations and more. Learn more about us and let us know how we can partner with you to keep your website in top condition!